• Bright Red 4-digit LED Display
  • Resolution -1,999 to +9,999
  • Field scaleable to user’s requirements
  • Transducer mounted, small size
  • Powered by transducer signal
  • Up to 2 switch contacts
  • Sealed to IP65, NEMA 4X
  • Rotatable display and connector

The M430 is a universal plug-on LED display suitable for use on transducers that have a DIN 43650, connector and 4-20mA or 0-10 Vdc output. The plug-on display simply fits between the plug and socket on any DIN 43650 (Form A) connector, The power is supplied from the voltage or current signal of the transducer. The unit is user-programmable from two buttons on the front panel enabling scaling and decimal point position. All are easily configured through the menu and configuration is stored in an EEPROM, ensuring that the programming is not lost in the event of power failure. The display can be rotated through 300° for use in different installation positions, ensuring flexibility