MODEL 9500


  • Transmitter is customized to your specific temperature and pressure conditions
  • enhance accuracy at any specific Temperature or Pressure range
  • Multiple Outputs - 4-20mA, 0-SV, 0-10V, RS232 and RS485
  • Suitable for high shock and vibration applications
  • No Silicone oil, no internal o-rings, no welded diaphragms!
  • Ranges 0-1 0" WC to 30,000 PSI
  • Gauge, Sealed Gauge, Absolute ranges

Spectre's 9500 Precision Series Pressure Transducers offer the first available sensors that are manufactured, designed and calibrated to each customers specific operating conditions. Each transducer output is digitally mapped to correct for any non-linearity or inaccuracies in the sensor. This digital correction and the inherent advantages of the fused bond sensor provide the most accurate and flexible transducer in the industry. Additionally, the unit can be designed for high pressures and still retain accuracies in the lower pressure range (i.e.:10,000 psi sensor can accurately measure below 500 psi), or provide high accuracy in one specific area of the pressure range (i.e.: 500 psi sensor with highest accuracy band between 40-60 psi).